Friday, November 23, 2007

Wanna be like Dick Tracy?

Take a look at this; now you have many ways to be Dick Tracy (beyond the simpler FRS/GMRS radio-watches, such as this). For instance, look at this guy's wrist (obviously the picture is for show only; if you can read funny characters, take a look at this page - I couldn't figure out which language to put in Google's or AltaVista's translators to get the page in English, since it appears to be a Taiwanese web site (".tw") and they don't have a Taiwanese option, and I couldn't find an "English" link on the page, but it does have a lot more pictures of the various wrist communicators). Pretty cool, actually, but I did notice that, while this site claims their M500 model is "water resistant" they disallow warranty claims if the device has been exposed to moisture or dampness (on the warranty terms page).

But wouldn't it be cool to have something like this? Most are blue-tooth capable, so you can pair your watch with your blue-tooth headset. However, as the Engadget article said, "why would you want Bluetooth when you can talk at your wrist?"

Seriously, though, what's the motivation for a wrist-phone? Convenience, I'd think. You wouldn't have to worry about putting your phone in your pocket or purse, or forgetting it (assuming you, like I, feel naked without your watch). More importantly, you wouldn't have to dig it out of your pocket or purse when it rings. Now for those of us who like to send text messages, the interface might be a bit lacking (of course, assuming compatibility, you could use something like this cool keyboard to do your texting; that device may require its own post in the near future; Google's product search shows a few more conventional blue-tooth keyboards you could use, again assuming compatibility). These devices also seem to include music player capabilities, in case that's important to you.

Gotta go now (don't want to be too wordy, and we've just put on a movie). Later, all! [LAPSE...]

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