Friday, January 9, 2015

A Literary Journey - 2nd Grade

I thought I would treat you all to a literary journey through my childhood. I will be posting several articles composed of stories that I wrote during my childhood school career. 1st grade was mostly "Book Reports" (including a book report about Are You My Mother? - quite possibly one of the greatest works of literature ever, nearly as good as Where the Wild Things Are - the movie doesn't do it justice - or the poem Eletelephony, which I have had in my memory since 2nd grade), so I won't bore you with those. Instead, we'll start in 2nd grade, where the stories are just about all illustrated, so I'll include the photos as well. Note: I will adhere strictly to the 2nd grade prose - no corrections of grammar, spelling, or anything else. Here we go...


I am a leprechaun. I have black hair to match my pot of gold. I wear green. I hide my gold. I usually hide my gold at 12:30 P.M. I live in Japan. I hide my gold in my hat. There they won't find it. The vallans have red hair. I am very clever.
no, I don't know what "vallans" are - I assume I meant "villains" - but I don't recall writing this story, so I can't comment any further on that word

The Uglyest Thing

The uglyest thing I ever saw was a prikly bush. I saw it in the yard at my house. It was green, brown and ugly. I felt ow!
uglyest, prikly, felt ow - how awesome! this one is my boys' favorite of my old stories

 Drop Kite

One day Don decided to fly his kite. He got it out and up. The wind was so strong it blew him off the ground. He shouted "Drop kite!" and he was never seen again.
no illustration on this one, sorry; the teacher, Mrs. Worthington, probably my favorite teacher because my 2nd grade self thought she was pretty, commented, "Gee, wonder where he went!"


Monday I went to Judy and Jill's. The rest of the week I went to the hospital. Saturday and both Sunday's were the only times I had fun except when I saw Lady and the Tramp. The End.
no illustration on this one - well, there is one, but it's mainly just scribbles supposed to represent a hospital - and I don't recall this "trip to the hospital" - quite possibly related to my broken left foot from a bicycle accident, which probably happened around that time frame; I actually had to crawl across the road with that broken foot!

Rosa and I at the Library

Last Saturday morning Rosa and I went to the main library downtown. We took our own newest raceing roller skates. I skated down a very narrow hall. I axedentely knocked over a high shelf of books. The librarian started running after us. We left very quickly.
 lots of spelling errors in this one - but, hey, I was in 2nd grade!

The Dog's Adventure

Once there was a dog who had many adventures. It's name was Sisy. She brought a man binoculars to see down the mountainside.
ok, ok... "its" not "it's"!!! I still got an A+ and wasn't dinged for the incorrect wording

The Wind

I am the wind. Sometimes I am naughty but sometimes I am good. I like being the wind. I blow down houses and trees. I make waves in seas. I blow clouds and rain. People hate me.
not only an A+ on this one, but also a "This is excellent!" comment!

Stuffed Turkey

It is almost Thanksgiving. I am a turkey. I hate this. I am scared. Last night I had a dream. It was terrible! I mean it!
 interestingly enough, we have turkey in the oven right now...


The ships Columbus sailed were Santa Maria, Pinta and Niña. He was born in Italy. Isabella, the queen of Spain, gave Columbus the ships and 120 sailors and wished him good luck.
yes, I used "the little mark above the second 'n'" in Niña, although it doesn't quite look as good as the one in the typed version. I was a very intelligent little boy :) .

The Bird

Once there was a bird named Blackeye. A boy called Dick came along. Blackeye was at the nearby falls. The boy had $20 in his hand. The bird swooped down and took the $20. The bird took the $20 and went to the pet shop. There he bougt food, water and a brass birdcage and lived happily ever after.
no, "bougt" is not a typo - it's a misspelling from my 2nd grade days. This story includes a comment that I'm "a great storyteller!" Yay, 2nd-grade me!

The 200 Year Old House

One day I went to the house we lived in two years. Nobody lived in it for 180 years. It was said to be haunted. I went in. The electricity was off. The only light was daylight. I saw my old chest. I opened the drawer with open me on it. When I did I saw my daddys spirit. Then I opened the other drawer. I saw evil spirits. I closed it.
obviously some grammatical or other errors in it, but this is the last of my 2nd grade literature. And it shows my intelligence - "close the drawer with the evil spirits!" haha

So, there you go. Hope you've enjoyed this little trip down my memory lane. Next time we'll visit some 3rd grade writings, with such great stories as "Lyers", "The Surprise", "If I Could Fly", two versions of "Cobra K", "The Wish", and more! Yes, Jane, I put the commas outside the quotes... didn't want them getting confused into the wonderful titles!