Friday, November 23, 2007

Coke vs Coke Zero

Go here and get your fill of the Coke vs. Coke Zero commercials - I really love those. My wife hates them. My favorite is the one where the lawyer asks for their proposed end-game, and the coke-guy (an actor) says something like, "... their director is in the fetal position, crying, under the copier." Did I mention my wife hates those?

I also recently saw a video by PETA about why not to eat fish (note: some slightly graphic images in there; if you can't handle "fish violence" then don't watch; further note: I do not claim responsibility for any information provided by PETA). Wouldn't want you to be [brain dead] from eating canned tuna, so I'm offering this info, but with this caveat: find out what's true regarding all this. Here are some links for you to start your research:

I eat tuna. I like tuna. I haven't died from mercury poisoning by eating tuna. I haven't been alarmed by the "tuna warnings" (then again, I'm not a pregnant or nursing mother or a small child, but I probably still wouldn't be overly concerned, albeit cautious, perhaps).

Make up your own mind; if it makes you feel "safer" to not eat tuna, then by all means, don't eat tuna. Seems a lot of what makes us well or un-well is really in our minds. If you're concerned about eating tuna (or other fish), then you're likely going to be suffering, somewhat, from some stress or worry in your mind, which isn't healthy for you, either. Thus, it would be better to avoid the seafood (despite its yumminess) in order to preserve the health of mind.

Another way to be healthy? Think healthy! For instance, when I feel a cold coming on, I like to drink Mountain Dew. Why? Mountain Dew has a small percentage of orange juice concentrate in it, which naturally contains some Vitamin C. All that extra Vitamin C I get from drinking the Mountain Dew helps me get over my cold more quickly. Believe it or not, it works! Why? I don't know. Probably because I think it's going to work. Or maybe I just feel better because I expect to feel better. (Do you ever read those little information papers included in your prescription, and sometimes over-the-counter, medicines? Ever notice how many people are "cured" of various illnesses or symptoms by the placebos - sugar pills - during the clinical trials for the medicine(s) in question? With all the available side effects, why not try the placebo, first? This is known as the "placebo effect" - and it's pretty neat!) So, next time you think you're getting a headache (or you already have one), think that it's going away (or less intense than it is). Or drink Mountain Dew (after all, caffeine is often administered in migraine medicine, such as BC Powder - for more information or tips on headache relief, see their headache site). Side note: the best "cure" for a hangover headache is prevention - if you don't drink (alcoholic beverages), you won't have a hangover headache!

Final note: I just overheard the program my two youngest are watching, which seems to be advocating vegetarianism and the benefits of Tofu towards those young, impressionable minds of our nation's children! Think I'll take them out for a hamburger tonight... ;)


Anonymous said...

Good grief, Charlie Brown! You're just as wordy as Dean is! I don't know if I can handle so much intellectual reading at one time.

Tony M said...

I bet I could be wordier, if you want, or if warranted, or for no reason whatsoever. You may find, however, that the efficiency with which I place words on the printed (well, not quite printed in the case of a virtual log such as this) is not necessarily all that good. I can be efficient with my words, but often fail to do so, resulting in lots of words with very little actually being said. Such as this. :)

Thanks for the comment and the encouragement! I'll keep up the (wordy) posting...