Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jokes of the week...

Ok, this is for "the office ladies" (you know who you are!) since I never got to tell my jokes tonight (did I mention I'm writing a book?). But you'll have to read a little further before we unveil the jokes. Why is it that we often tend to speak in the plural when we're talking about ourselves, even though we're really only one person?

I wanted to put a video here that I thought was funny. It's a recent Nationwide Insurance commercial, but it seems it hasn't made it to the Internet yet (yeah, I could play it from one computer and record it to another, then clip the video to the dimensions of the commercial (i.e., exclude the rest of my computer display from the video), convert it to a network-friendly format, upload it to youtube and then link it in, but that's a lot of work and I don't feel like doing it right now; when the video makes it out, I'll post another link). You can go to the NBC Chuck streaming video and see it, though - select episode 110 (Chuck vs. the Nemesis), and chapter 1, and you should be able to watch the video (I mean the Nationwide ad that comes before the Chuck episode starts). It's pretty neat. [edit: the Chuck episode is no longer sponsored by the Nationwide ad - it's "Superbad" or something instead; sorry about that; I'll leave the link here anyway in case you want to watch Chuck; once I find a suitable copy of the Nationwide ad, I'll post it - I found one copy, but the guy who put it on Youtube added his own audio, and it has a bad word in it, so I'll wait on a clean version.]

Ok, joke of the week time. What's a podiatrist's favorite meal? Why, fillet of sole, of course! Did you hear about Mattel's latest redneck girl toy? Camo Hunter Barbie (she's the dream date of three-toothed Ken).

Ah, well, hope you enjoyed that. Think I'm going to call it a night. Might be morning when you read this, of course; the magic of written words - you never can tell when they'll be read.


Anonymous said...

I can imagine that Camo Hunter Barbie would make a killin' (no pun intended) down here in AL!! You could pitch that idea to mattel and make some money...of course some parent and animal activists (such as your truely) might not appreciate that. LOL
Although, "Three Toothed Ken" could be sold to dentists as toys for kids to play with in their office... "Tommy...this is what you will look like when you grow up if don't brush!!"

Tony M said...

I like the three-toothed Ken idea - I'll have to share that with my dentist.

Now, you say that "parent and animal activists" - are "parent activists" those who are against cruelty to parents? What exactly constitutes cruelty to parents? :)