Saturday, November 24, 2007

Interesting things (?)

I saw an ad for this on TV this morning, claiming it was great for teaching your kids about money. I find it funny, though, that on the Toys 'R' Us page it had this line:

Works just like a real A™

- note that the "TM" of "ATM" was converted into a trade-mark symbol. Kind of funny. Anyway, I don't think I'll be getting this for my kids.

I also saw a wikiHow on "Caring for a Christmas Cactus" - I didn't even know there was such a thing. Then again, my botanical skills go about as far as distinguishing between trees and grass - more detail than that, and you'll have to ask elsewhere. Back in biology class I generally only pretended to take notes while in actuality I'd be writing senseless, funny stuff that I would show to my deskmate, causing him often to burst into laughter and get in trouble while I'd sit quietly, laughing on the inside. I didn't learn a lot in biology (but I did pass; by the way, mom & dad, if you're reading this, um, I'm kidding, yeah, kidding!).

Well, I hope you're all gearing up for Iron Bowl. The Wikipedia site says that Sports Illustrated listed the rivalry as #2 (behind the Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees) in all sports, and ESPNU listed it as the #1 college football rivalry in the nation. This year, and from this point forward (unless and until they change it again), the Iron Bowl has moved to the weekend after Thanksgiving (instead of the weekend before). Well enough, since my wife's family doesn't really celebrate Thanksgiving anyway - instead, they gather for the Iron Bowl party (where we'll be heading in a couple of hours). Of course, that typically means only 1/2 the family is thankful... :) Hope your Thanksgiving was full of thanks, and that your team wins the Iron Bowl (as long as your team is Alabama).

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