Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blog status

Well, I'm closer to unveiling the new look of the blog (well, there will probably still be some color tweaks here and there for a while until I'm fully satisfied with the look), but the "big surprise" is nearly ready. Well, let's put it this way: it's 90% ready in Firefox, but doesn't work in IE. Until I have both versions ready, I'll hold off on unveiling on either platform.

You'll just have to keep waiting; it will be ready soon, I promise! For now, I need to grab a (nearly) midnight snack (have to keep the acid reflux going strong!) - too bad we don't have any beef jerky around here! - and get some sleep (last night's late turn-in is catching up to me).

By the way - I got the "label cloud" from phydeaux3's blog - thanks very much! Go there and click on the "New Blogger Tag Cloud/........" link for detailed instructions (so easy a caveman... you know).

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