Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas already?

I just got back from a Christmas party. Yep, Christmas in mid-November. It was a party for our church choir (and the drama team that's putting on our Christmas production). This was the most convenient time for it, all things considered. At least the recent cold weather helped the mood of the evening... that, and the lights that are already starting to show up on various houses and trees all around us. Is it really nearly Christmas? Yep, I guess so... Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Christmas follows close behind.

Now I'm watching "Raising Arizona" - one of my all-time favorite movies (Wikipedia entry is here). Nicolas Cage is one of my favorite actors. (Not role models, just actors.) Interestingly, according to the bio on the IMDb site, he has a child named Kal-el Coppola Cage (which I'm sure my friend Dean, a superman fan - no, a superman superfan!, will find interesting; you'll probably find Dean's blog more interesting than this one, by the way!). "Raising Arizona" is a slightly different mode than his (Nicolas', not Dean's) more recent "comedic-action" genre. It's rated PG-13, so (obviously) parental guidance is suggested, but I think it's worth renting (or borrowing from a library if you can - that way you can get it for free!); we own a copy. Once upon a time, when I had a prolonged dental procedure to be done, I watched "Raising Arizona" in the dental chair (they have these cool LCD monitor glasses with integrated headphones that allow you to recline in your own mini-theatre while the dentist is working in your mouth). Bet you're all glad you've read this post now, eh? By the way, if you want some really family-friendly fun videos, check out Veggie Tales - they're really cool. Even for adults. And at the Big Idea web site, they have some neat games, too - check out Moby Blaster and Doom Funnel Chasers, two of my favorites. And no undesirable or questionable ads or content to confront your kiddies when they play, either!

Topic switch. In case you don't use GMail, you might want to give it a try. It has some really cool features, like "unlimited aliases" - check out some neat ways you can use GMail aliases here. Personally I find myself using my GMail account more frequently than my "regular" ISP e-mail account. It even has built-in chat capabilities, and you don't have to download anything (you can chat from within your web browser once you log into your e-mail). And it's easy to get to e-mail on my cell phone, too.

Enough for now... I have some more work to do on my layout, but it's getting closer to being ready for prime-time. Then again, it's already out there, so do you feel like you're getting ripped off by this blog? The constant teasing of "on the edge of rolling out a wonderful surprise layout" and then some senseless blabbering... one of these days this senseless blabbering will regain the full glory of the old BBS [LAPSE] forum. Until then, you'll have to put up with this. (Well, you could not put up with it, but I'd like you to continue reading; you can even get the feeds through the links over to your right - even in your e-mail if you want!)

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