Monday, November 26, 2007


My daughter just said, "My foot's not on the stove!" (She claims she said, "My food's not on the stove," but I know better.) I don't know why she'd put her foot on the stove, unless she was trying to cook fillet of sole (heh-heh). Not sure I'd want that meal in this case, though.

By the way, for all those times you're sitting on my blog and think, "Wow, what an awesome, valid point he just made, something that I'd never have thought of myself, glad I came along here and read this thing and expanded my mind in such a way that I'll never be the same; I should do some more research on this evidently most important topic," [which I'm sure happens on quite a regular basis...] and then you think, "But I don't want to have to go all the way to my address bar, type '' and press enter, wait for the Google search page to load, then type the query," you can simply scroll down, enter your search term on the Google search on the right, and search right from within this page! Cool, time-saving feature, eh? And if you've forgotten some great truth or idea I've mentioned in a past blog but remember some keyword, but that doesn't happen to be a keyword in the label cloud on the right, you can enter your search term in the Google search box, select the "" radio button (it actually says "" but there isn't enough room for all that fancy text to display, at least not on my 1016 pixel-wide screen - I have a toolbar on the right, so I don't get the full 1024 pixels of my laptop display), and POOF! You're searching my blog (well, you have to press the "Search" button first, but you get the idea). I haven't tried this myself, though.

Anyway, just wanted to save you some time, and get my third post of the day (since I didn't post yesterday).

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