Monday, November 19, 2007

Amazing People

I was thinking that God did a pretty good job when He designed people (from a physical perspective). For instance, your little finger is just the right size for cleaning out ears and nostrils. Your teeth make pretty good fingernail (and, for the limber, toenail) clippers (that's how I usually clip my finger- but not toe- nails).

Of course, it's sometimes difficult to get that "one particular spot" that itches on your back, but for that He made other people (such as your mom, or your grandmom, or your wife).

Anyway, people need people. It's sometimes tough to be a loner. Not that we don't all enjoy our alone time at times, but oftentimes when we have an experience that we want to remember it's much nicer to have someone who has experienced it with you, who can remember it with you, someone with whom you can reminisce. I often find that my overall level of happiness decreases whenever the wife and kids are gone somewhere and I'm by myself for a few days. Of course there's no one to compete with for control of the TV, or to ask me to quit playing video games, but then again when something cool happens in the video game, or a commercial (or bit of a TV show) makes me laugh, I can't say, "Hey, did you see that? That was cool!"

Speaking of cool, take a look at the "Interesting Quotes" block on the left (assuming you're reading this at my online blog instead of through a feed or e-mail). Then refresh the page and watch it again. Pretty cool, eh? Now if only I had someone to share the experience... (just kidding, I already showed it off to my wife, who isn't out of town right now).

The Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us... a great time to reminisce with friends and family. I'd encourage you to take some time this long weekend (long for me, since I get Thursday and Friday off work; I'm sorry if you don't!) to be thankful (God is good) and to spend moments recreating with friends and family, perhaps reflecting on your experiences in your life to this point, and creating new memories that will last, well, a lifetime (and beyond! after all, if you're with friends and family, there will still be someone around remembering once you've left this life - and make sure you're ready for that!).

And refresh the page and enjoy a new interesting quote!

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