Monday, November 26, 2007

Ok, I admit it...

I'm a Redskins fan. Have been for a long time. (I'm absolutely not, in any way, a fan of Dan Snyder, their owner... but I'm still a 'skins fan.) I admit it. Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment or something, but I'm still a fan. Oh, my second favorite NFL team? The Falcons. Baseball? The KC Royals (I once had a pair of George Brett cleats when I played little league ball). College football? Alabama and FSU (my brother's an alumni of the latter). Never really got into basketball, so I don't really have any favorite teams there.

Yes, I've heard the news about Sean Taylor. Praying for his recovery (and not just because I want him to play for the skins again). I'm also praying for Tori and ask that you do the same (even if your not on our church e-mail list, and don't know specifically what the current issues are, God knows, and you can still pray for her healing).

And, yes, my family (back in the day) were Sony Beta owners, not that silly VHS thing; we had Intellivision (with the voice module! "B-17 bomber") when everyone else, it seemed, had Atari; we were Sega Genesis (even had the cool LCD 3-d glasses which alternated your field of vision between left and right eyes, and alternated the picture on the screen at the same rate, so that your perception was slightly differing field of vision and thus a 3-d effect without resorting to color-variations - you had "full color" (for a 16-bit console) 3-d!) while most were Nintendo; our first computer? a PCjr. Guess I come by my "like the underdog" thing naturally.

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