Saturday, July 25, 2009


Here is a picture of my oldest son's "big catch" - we threw it back. Just out relaxing at my in-law's place.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Anyone else remember that TV show Hunter? I'm eating with the family at Ryan's, and my oldest boy said something about choking on a chip, to which I replied something like, "It's ok, I know the German." Referring, of course, to the Heimlich. My youngest asked what that was, it was mentioned about Mrs. Doubtfire, where Pierce Brosnan was choking, which of course brought about the thought of Remington Steele. Which I didn't really watch, but brought about the thought of the show that took an internet lookup to find out the show I was thinking about: Hunter. Anyone else remember that show?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A fight! A fight!

I am sore, and I am beat. Yes, I was in a fight... with my Lexus! But the family pitched in, and the air-to-conventional suspension conversion process is 87.5% complete - well, not counting reinstalling the rear interior - seats and everything - and clipping the wires that provide the "air suspension error" warning, which seems a silly warning if you've explicitly turned OFF the air suspension (there's a switch in the trunk). All four of the air shocks have been removed, and three of the four conventional shocks have been installed.

But it's late, I'm pretty beat up (I'm walking - not like an "old" man, but like a "decrepit old" man). The fourth shock just doesn't want to go in... so I've put off its installation for the evening and will go borrow a spring compressor from an auto parts store in the morning.

The whole thing isn't quite as simple as the instructions on the internet would have you believe: "30 minutes per shock." Or maybe it's just my lack of mechanical skill (due to lack of practice)... it's more like three times that amount per shock for me.

But I'm saving, what, $200 or $300 for someone else to install it?

Ugh... in retrospect, it may have been worth the $200 or $300 because I have a feeling I'm going to spend that much in pain killers and massage therapy over the next few weeks...

Monday, July 13, 2009

The invasion has begun!

Look how close the slugs are coming, and to the back door instead of the front! It's a sneak slug attack! Man the salt shakers... They shall not take us alive!

Invasion of the slugs!

See? I TOLD you they are planning an invasion .. Two of them this morning, and look what direction they are heading... Not toward the yard, but toward the house! Prepare now, the slugs are coming.. The slugs are coming!

Seriously, though, as weird as the invasion of the slugs might be, there is another coming that you'd better be ready for; His name is Jesus. He came once already to prepare us... Next time, you'd best be ready and not caught off guard. For more info check out a copy of His story, known as the Bible. You can find one at a bookstore or a church if you don't already have a copy.

Ok, so my tie-ins aren't quite as good as Dean's... Visit for more.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not a good sign

Just saw this outside Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant.. Not a good sign if you're a pedestrian.

It's a game

Based on this limited view of my drink cup, can you figure out at what restaurant I'm having lunch? If you've been recently, this should be easy.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Slug

Here is the slug that I think is attempting to infiltrate my house. It was outside again this morning.

Office 2010: The Movie

Yeah... this is actually pretty neat or funny or simply stupid (depending on your point of view).

I liked it.

"As Seen On TV" : Jesus Pan

Um... yeah...

Jesus Pan - The Orginal JesusPan Seen and Heard Everywhere

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Test mobile post

This is just a test post to see if T-mobile's MMS system is properly sending to e-mail addresses now. It wasn't earlier. Here's a picture of a kitten getting a bath. Enjoy!

Low Rider

Just a quick blog post to let you know what a Lexus with a bad air shock looks like.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So, if I live to be 74, my life here on earth is half over. The question is, what do I have to show for the first half of my life? Money, things, wealth? Education, status, fame, power? Even if I DID have those things, they would be meaningless, since they won't follow after human death. So, what IS worth having? Well, I hope that I have impacted my children, and that it's a good impact. I hope that I've directed at least one person toward the Lord. And I hope that act II of my life is useful in the eyes of God. If you catch me off that course, please feel free to attempt to redirect me; you know, waving, shouting, running me down with a dump truck and tying me to the bumper and dragging me back to the right path, that sort of thing. And now I'm going to enjoy my diet Coke and hopefully soon a Red Robin burger.