Sunday, January 20, 2008


I just was looking at my video on YouTube (see previous UFO posts), and over on the left side (I was logged in with my Google account) of my profile it says, "Age: 36" - and I said, "I'm 36? That stinks!"

Of course, I'm not really bugged by my age, other than the minor amount of what I've managed to accomplish in those 36 years. (Not exactly, but sort of like the sentiment over here on Dean's blog.) I've lots of ideas, some sort-of-started projects, but usually my lack of perseverance, coupled with a distinct knack for laziness, leads to a lack of completed projects. (Most recently, though, I've managed to semi-complete some UFO videos... see my recent previous posts.)

On the plus side, I've made some pretty nice children, but I suppose I should credit those more to my wife (plus they're simply pretty good kids all-around).

You know, there was something else witty I was going to say about my age, but I no longer recall what it was. Guess my senility is kicking in. :) Guess I'll just go waste another hour or two watching a movie instead of doing something productive... (note: I'm not saying it's bad to watch movies, so don't feel guilty about it if you're watching one yourself)


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