Saturday, January 5, 2008

Blogathon, part II

Ok, maybe not really part two, but more like part 5, but this is only the second post with the title "Blogathon," so I'll leave it that way.

What am I writing about this time (as the Redskins are about to start playing the Seahawks in an NFC wildcard game)? How about encryption? Can you figure out what this says (note: due to the lack of spaces in the encoded text, it isn't wrapping properly here, but you can still select it all and paste it in notepad or something):

Ujlw%oz(j* q!#/}v&'u|{E89c0C1>"&'1C*4*7-//KD7C8P?LSH?DHE?ZAKANDJPJcFRNW[S_TZyngY[V\t_jf nznb_klz"pyhn'wo*lz-s}s$,$)~&&F9:]22>#"0B=4;F.21@>2M>EEQJ<6JVAMYN=VQ}_`+WcIUL[Wp_kQ]nQpi[ca[vdhn'{oc`lm{1$%O{/|*}m"vt#1&|"&#|F9:]22>)'A<3:E+77P?K8<>GPI;5IU@L_MZ@LGMGla\SZeTQPR_kUOeUpSr\Vh[wmcha|dhgvtlrl&v}}* tr.p|x"&}*~%F9:]22>364(0>E:76/::2M>EEQG<:H<W<;I[@P@CLaWLNYfKXNPyz{nbZY[h4

Good luck! If anyone cracks it, let me know. If not, I'll go with a simpler algorithm in a little while and let you take a shot at that one. If you want the secret decoder, maybe I'll upload it somewhere in a little while and post a link here...

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