Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Inspiration in Adversity

I was going to post something witty, something silly, something to waste another moment or two of your life, but (lucky you) I found something worthwhile to share. But it's not mine.

If you don't know who Rick Burgess is, he's 1/2 of the Rick and Bubba show, a morning show that's really entertaining and inspirational at the same time. Rick recently lost his 3-year-old son in a tragic accident; the boy drowned in the pool at their house while his dad was away doing a conference in Tennessee. This past Tuesday was the memorial service for little William Bronner Burgess. Rick spoke at the service. The speech is what I want to share. You can go to the Rick and Bubba website to download an MP3 of the speech (warning, it's over 31 MB).

Alternatively, you can see the video in the following links (the volume's a bit low in either MP3 or YouTube video format, so you'll probably need to turn it up a bit):

Rick Burgess - A Father's Heart part 1
Rick Burgess - A Father's Heart part 2
Rick Burgess - A Father's Heart part 3

Listen to (or watch) the videos; they're very inspiring. Seriously, very inspiring.

That's all; I will simply leave you with Rick's challenge: Don't an apathetic, weak, ineffective Christian; there are people out there who need to know Jesus; some you don't know, some you do. Make sure you do your best to tell them about Him.

And Jesus' challenge: "If you love me, obey my commandments."

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