Monday, January 21, 2008

UFO part III

Since today was a holiday from work and school, we left a bait on our front lawn furniture, a Diet Mt. Dew. The UFO took the bait, quite literally, as revealed in this video:

I heard the UFO, grabbed the video camera, and ran outside (I'd gone inside shortly after placing the Diet Mt. Dew on the furniture to grab a Diet Mt. Dew of my own - yes, I prefer Coke Zero, but we were out - when I heard the UFO). Got the video of the UFO landing on my front lawn, followed by the terrifying sight of the alien (can't you hear the trembling terror in my voice on the video?). Unfortunately, I managed only to get the alien's robotic hand in the video when it grabbed the Diet Mt. Dew. It sure scurried back quickly afterwards, though; you can hear the UFO's engine starting while the robotic arm is still in the picture, but the little bugger got back on the ship before it took off.

Apparently the UFO had some effect on the video; you'll see a blacked-out area in the screen while the ship's flying off into the horizon. I'll have to see about getting the aliens back again with another Diet Mt. Dew and maybe we can get them to communicate with us. I've plenty of experience communicating with strange things that speak in weird tongues; after all, I've two teenagers. Hopefully that'll come in handy if I can ever get the aliens to stick around long enough to talk.

Ok, American Gladiator's on; gotta go watch some quality TV now...

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