Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh please help me!

For some reason, I have this song stuck in my head: "Tinky-winky; Dipsy; Laa-Laa; Po! Teletubbies; Teletubbies, say he-llo! Eh-oh!"

As demonstrated in this video:

I dare you to press play. Note: if you watch long enough, the disappearing Teletubbies on the orange screen later in the video will give you the after-glow effect.

If you like, you can play with the Teletubbies here (BBC, in the UK) or here (PBS, in the US). This little game-like thing on the PBS Teletubby site has kind-of-neat sounds. My daughter called me strange when she saw me playing it. Don't know why. (Now you should vote for me for president, eh? I'm not ashamed to admit I enjoyed playing on that page for a minute or so...) If you've never seen the Teletubbies in action, you can check it out at this video on Youtube (didn't want to overly-clutter my blog post, so I just put the link to it).

By the way (or perhaps, by way of completely changing the subject), I noticed in the One-Year Bible reading for today that, in Proverbs 6:6-11 it says we should "Take a lesson from the ants"... kind of like what I said in the last post! (Ok, I admit, Solomon said it first - well, before I did, anyway!)

I've added a new link to my list of "Interesting Places" (over to your right if you're reading this on my blog site instead of in an RSS reader or by way of e-mail). Take a look: "The Sleep Talking Zone" - I already got a bag of green peanut M&Ms simply for commenting there!

One other thing: consider visiting the link to folding at home - you can help make a difference in the research on Alzheimer's and various other diseases. Just be sure to configure your folding client to contribute to the LBD folding team (team 258) - that way you can "jump in" in a team that's already in the top 1000 of all folding teams (although we're starting to slip in the rankings... which is why we need your help on our team!). It's a simple, easy way to put your computer's spare computing cycles to good use.

Ok, I'm done with this post... go read something else interesting (like the "interesting places" links) or get your computer folding for team LBD...

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