Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What's on?

When it comes to TV, I can't say that I watch a lot of it. What I do watch is usually not live, either - it's TiVoed. That being said, here are the things I watch on a regular basis:

  • Survivor - started watching this back when Rupert was first on the show, when they dumped the "survivors" the day before they expected it. Rupert's stealing of the other team's sneakers was classic, one of the "great moments in Survivor" - in fact, Rupert is my all-time favorite survivor (he was also one of only two non-winners invited to the "Survivor All-Stars"). This season's survivor, despite the exceptionally physical challenges, isn't living up to the past few seasons, however.
  • Chuck - this is an entertaining new show, if somewhat out-of-reality. Maybe that's what makes it entertaining. Parental discretion is advised, but it's usually not too bad.
  • Heroes - last season (the first season) was much better, although it was not as "kid-friendly" as this season (we did not allow our younger children to watch last season's episodes; we are, with discretion, allowing them to watch it this season). This season's storyline isn't as good, and the "powers" are going beyond what I think they should have allowed into the story (my opinion, of course). That being said, it's still entertaining. Parental discretion definitely advised.
Things I watch sometimes:

  • Deal or No Deal - this can be quite funny at times.
  • Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader - again, quite amusing.
  • Various re-run sitcoms (but not Friends; don't really care for it that much)
  • Football - college - go Alabama!, NFL - go Redskins!, although I rarely get to see a whole game; secondary "favorites" are FSU (brother is an alumni) and the Atlanta Falcons (silly Michael Vick); the one time the Falcons made it to the superbowl I was stuck in the airport in Atlanta and managed to watch portions of the game on the airport TVs - that was a rough trip - over 12 hours to get from the Huntsville airport to the airport in Michigan or Ohio or wherever it was I was going, and it was still a two-hour drive from the airport the the hotel after arrival.
  • Various PBS shows, like Nova and Stargazer (or sometimes Arthur or Fetch with Ruff Ruffman - mainly when the kids are watching those)
Shows I miss:

  • Brother's Keeper
  • Yes, Dear!
Shows my wife watches regularly that I occasionally watch with her:

  • ER - this is probably her favorite - it's "save until I delete" on the season pass on our TiVo
  • NCIS
Shows I don't care for:

  • Bionic Woman - ok, this one's really stupid. Poor storyline, poorly written, poor acting. Watched the first episode, and the more I thought about it over the following week, the more I realized I had no desire to see the remainder of the season. A real let-down after all the build-up around the show.
So, there you go - a run-down of my TV watching habits. As mentioned in a previous post, we don't have cable (or satellite or DirecTV), so we're limited to the broadcast shows. However, our TiVo is confused about one of our local stations - channel 15 is listed as channel 14. Meaning it won't pick up the shows from channel 15 (thinks they're on 14, and "doesn't know" what's on 15). I've complained to TiVo several times about this, but they still haven't fixed it (according to them, in an e-mail, channel 15 is listed as channel 15; I think perhaps it has something to do w/ the HD version, since while most HD channels seem to be X.1 (e.g., channel 19's HD channel is 19.1), channel 15's HD channel is 14.1).

Of course, not watching TV so much allows more time for things like my "music career" and this infernal blogging. Bet you wish I watched more TV, eh?

So, what's on at your house?


Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority that the only reason to watch Bionic Woman is actually Katee Sackhoff -- otherwise known as "Starbuck" on the new Battlestar Galactica.

I personally like the new Doctor Who series and it's spin off Torchwood. I also like Supernatural. I wouldn't call either of the last two child friendly. Doctor Who just depends upon the episode really.

I think the classic Who might be more kid friendly, however, I've never seen it. *shrugs*

Tony M said...

Sorry, I wasn't really impressed with any of them.

I liked the original Doctor Who series (used to watch reruns at my Grandmom B's house); haven't seen the new one. Or the other shows you mentioned. I suppose they must all be on cable somewhere.

I'm so underprivileged... :)

Ninfa said...

Mondays, as Tony has said, it is Chuck and Heroes. Tuesdays it is NCIS and House. Wednesdays the kids have taken to Watching Bionic Woman. I told Tony I was going to give the show 5 episodes and see what I thought. I must agree with, my husband. It stinks! Thursday it is Survior (must agree with him here too, not as good this season), and ER. Friday I have no clue what comes on... doesn't that show Numbers come on then? That was was interesting the few times I have seen it. I am sure being without Cable has it's tough points but I am glad we don't have it. I love things like History Channel and Discovery Channel so I would never get off the couch if we got Cable (not to mention the things teens and kids just don't need to see that are offered on Cable... actually there is vey little difference between Cable and regualr TV. So disappointing!)