Saturday, November 10, 2007

Welcome to my Blog

You probably don't want to be here. There won't be much going on for a while, I'm sure. However, this is my blog, and you're welcome to read it. At least one thing you won't find here, I hope, is bad grammar. That's one thing I can't stand! We're slowly, across America, destroying the English language. For instance, "tell my friend or I" - um, you wouldn't say, "tell I," now would you? That's an easy one to figure out. If you would use "us" then use "me" - if you'd use "we" then use "I." Simple. And don't end a sentence in a preposition. For instance, instead of, "turn the lights off," say, "turn off the lights."

Anyway, this is my blog, and my very first post, to boot. So, welcome to my blog! (Ok, English professors, feel free to critique my grammar any time you want!)

For anyone looking for a bit more depth and inspiration, please see my friend Dean's blog.

By the way, the URL for my blog ("lapsebraindead") comes from an ages-old bulletin board system (anyone remember those? connected to them with modems, 300 or 1200 baud?) that a friend of mine had while I was in college for a year in Massachusetts (Worcester Polytechnic Institute). He allowed me to moderate one of the areas on that bulletin board, which became known as "Lapse... brain dead" due to my always ending my posts with...
[LAPSE... brain dead]


Ninfa said...

Congratulations Honey! I'm so proud! You and Me really have to go chat a lot on this. I am sure us can find lots of things to talk about to. ;o) Love you!

Tony M said...

Wow. All my hard grammatical work gone to waste on the very first post. Thanks! :) Guess there's not much else to do than to end a sentence with a preposition; but what will I do that with? ;)

Laudio said...

Fantastic theme for the first post!

Best of fun and extra time (and any other needed thing) as you fill the blog. I'm wondering if classic computing and grammar will be regular topics. Both are good ones!

John said...

Who was that guy on that bulletin board system anyway? ;)

Tony M said...

Wow, starting at the beginning, are you! Well, you're in for quite a ride... hang on to your seat and stuff.

Yeah, who was that guy, anyway? Welcome, Mr. Bulletin Board Administrator, to my blog! (Did I just give it away?)