Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Life's Unfair

For those who have seen it, I'm not talking about my song over on the None Yet music page. I'm referring to My Coke Rewards. I've been saving points for a long time now. I have 2283 at the moment, to be exact. I've spent a few here or there (like getting my wife a Diet Coke umbrella when her existing umbrella was full of holes). But I've been noticing the number of rewards have been slowly dwindling for a while. At any rate, I've been saving for the "year of movies from Blockbuster" - one free rental a week for 52 consecutive weeks (they have to be used in consecutive weeks at the same store at which the initial rental occurs, and if you miss a week, you lose that week's rental).

So, now that I'm 17 points away (with another 10 points on the unopened 12-pack of coke in the refrigerator), I go take a look at the rewards site, and wham! - they don't have that reward anymore. It was there two days ago. Unfair!

This was like when I was in school. Back in the 4th grade, I was looking forward to getting a locker when I moved up to the 5th grade. But when I moved up to the 5th grade, the lockers were for 6th through 8th grades only. Still looking forward to when I'll get a locker in 6th grade. But when I move up to 6th grade, the lockers were for 7th and 8th grades only. When I finally moved up to 7th grade, they reverted back to having lockers for 5th through 8th grades. I was gypped for two grades!

And, now, the same thing is happening with the My Coke Rewards website. AAAAAHHHGG! Unfair. Ah, well, guess I need to quit blogging and go figure out what other coke rewards I want... feel free to make suggestions.

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Tony M said...

I can't believe that no one's given me any suggestions on what to get with my MyCokeRewards points!