Thursday, November 22, 2007

I like green bean casserole (and I'm full of it)

Ok, I admit it: I like green bean casserole. And black-eyed peas. And turkey, I like turkey. And mashed potatoes (especially real ones). And deviled eggs. And pumpkin pie (especially with whipped cream on top).

And I'm full of it. All of it. Full, full, full! What a great dinner my wife made today- for that, I'm thankful. Yes, thankful for the dinner; yes, thankful for being full; most of all, yes, thankful for my wife. And thankful for not having to go to work today (or tomorrow, for that matter). A nice relaxing day or two to do nothing but sit, eat, watch TV, and write a bunch of nothing on my blog.

I don't like stuffing/dressing. Or cranberry sauce. But you really don't need that stuff when you have all the other stuff I mentioned (ok, we did have that available as an option, but I didn't eat any).

So, have you seen the "Toyotathon Phenomenon" commercials? I wonder how many people will actually try something like that now that they've seen it demonstrated on TV. I hope the insurance companies are ready to counter all the claims for self-inflicted vehicle totaling that occurs as a direct response to this advertising campaign from Toyota. Does that seem silly? Probably as silly as these product warnings and these (the second list is probably funnier than the first; note: I claim no responsibility for the content on those pages, or pages linked to those, since they are not under my control and may change from the time I post this). What is wrong with people that we have to have these kinds of warnings? Probably that "lack of common sense in modern humans" I mentioned in a previous post.

Ah, well, hope you enjoyed all that... I think the turkey's kicking in... eyes... slowly... falling... shut...

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