Monday, November 12, 2007

Nothing to say? Don't let that stop you!

Ok, that's not quite right (after all, we're going to be accountable for every careless word we speak - and we should be careful about saying things we don't mean - it can cause consequences we hadn't envisioned, which should be plainly obvious since we're talking about words we hadn't carefully considered before uttering them), but it's not going to stop me this morning. I'm posting a new blog entry, after all, aren't I?

Ok, I guess I do have something to say. Notice the "November blog archive" on the left side of the page (well, it's on the left for now, but I may be rearranging this page sooner or later). It says there are six entries, but when you look, there are only five. [edit - now it's 7 and there are only 6 - should have thought of that before I posted, eh? and if I post again, it will be 8 when there are only 7, etc.; you get the idea - it's one more than the actual number of posts] That's kind of weird, don't you think? Shouldn't the number of entries be listed correctly - after all, blogger (the website that tracks the entries) is, well, the website that's tracking the entries. You'd think it would be able to count, being a computer and all (since computers just run on numbers, and only two of them: 1 and 0; ok, maybe the floating point units get a little more involved, but it's been a while since I studied those, and they're still probably binary in nature down in the hardware).

I think I know where it got confused, though - well, I have two theories, actually. First, when I posted my first blog, it was posted before I set the time to Central Time (it was still on Pacific Time), and I adjusted the "displayed" post time to be the current local (Central) time. Then I changed the blog settings to Central Time, and the post rolled over midnight since it carried the two hour manual time adjustment with it. Perhaps this caused the Blogger to think that the post occurred twice, since it had originally received the post "yesterday in Mountain Time" and then adjusted the post to "Today in Central Time" (even though it was really tomorrow at the time, but now it's several days ago). The second theory is that the blog I posted from my phone (from Tennessee), and later edited online, was counted twice.

Either way, it's wrong. Kind of funny, don't you think?

Well, now I have to head to work... yes, I'm running a bit late today. But aren't you glad I took the time to write all of this nothing for you to read before I went?

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