Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Day Thoughts

Ok, it's not yet turkey day, but here are some thoughts you can read and review on turkey day.

Have you taken the Global Warming Quiz? It's on the Global Warming Heartland website. Just a place I found that has some alternative ideas about global warming. Also check out this paper by John Christy, a Professor and Director of the Earth System Science Center, NSSTC at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Why do I keep stressing all this about Global Warming? Because I want you to think for yourself! Don't [LAPSE...] and let someone else do your thinking for you - then you might as well be [brain dead]. Global Warming isn't something that we necessarily need to do anything about right now, or ever. In Christy's paper, you'll see that the models aren't accurately predicting local temps. You'll also see that while the surface temps are increasing, the atmospheric temps aren't following suit. And, in fact, CO2 levels are lower now than they were in the past. The Global Warming Quiz include more good info.

The key point in all of this is to dig out the information you need to make your own decisions. And not just about Global Warming - about everything. Sure, you may not be the expert in the field you want to know about, and you'll need to consult the experts opinions. But don't just take at face value whatever the "current popular theory" is - question it. Find the facts. Examine the evidence. Decipher the data. Consider the corroboration. Behold the bearings. Appreciate the aspects. (How's that for some about-faced alphabetic alliteration? Ok, ok, overkill...) You get the idea - form your own opinion, don't let someone else hand it to you.

Now, finally, a video with a theme song for my blog:

There you go... fits right along with my original song "Life's Unfair" (found along with a couple of others at The Music of None Yet) - you can even play it right here:

Hope you enjoyed that. Sorry if you didn't. The lyrics are available at The Music of None Yet.

Right now I'm half-watching a show our TiVo recorded: "The Punisher" - a 1990 film that's, um, kind of silly. [EDIT - it's actually kind of retarded... I suppose it's "live action comic-booky" in a 1990s kind of way...] I'm glad I didn't pay to rent this movie. By the way, as far as rentals... check out your local library's audio/visual department. While their selection is likely limited to one copy of each movie in stock, and sometimes they are damaged (if you have a cheap DVD player like I do, some of them just don't play), they're free! A much better price than your local rental store.

Ok, enough thoughts for now... maybe I'll put some more out there actually on turkey day, but if not, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hence said...

Yay! A voice of sense. I wrote something vaguely similar on global warming, during which I begged people to think for themselves. No, wait, the begging was in a previous post, but still connected to this one.