Thursday, May 22, 2008

Things heard in the family car

We were on our way somewhere, and our youngest said, "Mom, Ronnie's being disgusting!"

Mom then called out, "Well get in the turn lane, then!"

She was, of course, talking to the vehicle in front of her, which had failed to get into the turning lane before us, and was now frantically blinking its blinker in an effort to rectify its mistake.

My less-than-loving comment would probably have been something more like, "Well come on over, idiot, if you're coming!" I know, I need to read Matthew 5:21-22 again. I'm working on that. :)

PS - I'm still "feelin' buggy"...


Christy said...

Car conversations are amusing at times.

Laudio said...

The bug thing is weird... Haven't you looked up the scientific word for your condition?

The banter between your youngest and your wife had me confused as I read it. I was thinking it was a kind of psychic connection.

Not really... :)