Monday, May 5, 2008

Hard to type

I took down (and apart) another tree today (again, with an axe). This one was a hardwood, though, not a pine, and it was bigger around. Now my back hurts, my allergies are killing me, and (despite my wearing gloves) I have a blister on each hand that formed & ripped open, on my left hand palm between my ring & pinky fingers, and on my right palm near my thumb. Makes it hard to type... ouch.

Recalling my recent gardening post, and wondering whether it might not be easier to "garden" puppies, I thought I'd post a link to a website I ran across today: PETSorFOOD. Their ground chihuahua is on sale right now (especially for educational customers). They also have some "while they last" specials, including freshly clubbed and frozen baby seal meat (working with a Russian peltier), and if you hurry you can get one of their allotted 3 komodo dragons per year (of course, the cost on the komodo is a bit high: $100,099.99). They also have a special on hamsters, but you could probably raise those yourself (have I mentioned my idea for an environmentally friendly, ecologically sound lawn care service using a fleet of guinea pigs? I'll go back and check my posts later and, if I haven't, enlighten you in a future post).

You know, I wonder why people really have a problem with this kind of idea. I mean, we raise, slaughter, and eat cows, pigs, chickens, fish, shrimp, goats, etc. Why is it a problem to do the same with other critters? I mean, dogs & cats are overpopulating the world, mainly due to lack of predators since they are domesticated animals, so why not use them to help curb the hunger issues around the world? I'm sure that some hungry, homeless person somewhere wouldn't mind eating it. It's better than not eating, right?

Ah well, my hamburger's ready (yes, folks, it's only ground cow). Talk to you later!

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