Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Interesting Global Warming Info

I ran across this article discussing global average temperatures (note: it's a two-part article, so be sure to read both parts). The short of this guy's analysis of the available data:
  • The data doesn't necessarily support the typical "global warming" rates
  • Since 2001, we've been in a decreasing trend
  • Altogether, this means we're probably not going to be sustaining the rising temperature rates over the next few decades that anthropogenic global warming advocates tend to suggest
Link this back to the fact that we're on the ending-side of an ice age, thus temperatures would naturally tend to increase, and you can see that there's not a lot that we need to do. And check out the sunspots (or lack thereof) at the sun image over on SpaceWeather... and the seeming correlation between sun activity and earth's average temperature, which leads toward a lowering temperature (instead of rising temperature). Oh, and the NOAA says March in the US was 4 degrees below the 20th century mean - you'd think, if we were in the midst of rising temps, that we'd see the US (North American) temperatures rising, too. (Yes, they also indicate that, globally, temps were higher... but search "global average temperature" on Google and you'll see that "global average temperature" is a questionable entity anyway.)

Just some thoughts (based on statistical analysis of available temperature data and trends; well, that first part was, anyway). Do your research, make up your own mind, and know why you believe what you believe.

Oh, and by the way, this global warming stuff really doesn't matter, anyway... and I think my PS2 just broke (we use it to play DVDs since our DVD player won't usually, and now the PS2 doesn't seem to want to spin the disc... I may have to take it apart in a little while, but not tonight, since it's late, and my hands hurt from working on getting that stump out of the ground... and it's still in the ground at this point...).


Carter said...

Good post, dude! I, myself, am still on the fence over the issue. Yes, temperatures are rising, but on the other hand isn't that just natural changes over the years in the Earth's climate? The way I see it, though, is that it couldn't hurt to cut down on emissions and such even IF global warming is just a huge hoax (and I'm beginning to think that it probably is).

Great info! I'm going to have to check this out :)

Tony M said...

Thanks; check out my latest post on Not-tional Geographic for another humorous take...

Tony M said...

PS - it's not global warming that's at question - the earth has been warming. It's whether or not humans are influencing it (and whether there's anything we can do to alleviate it). Which we aren't, and can't. The earth is God's creation, it's been around a long time, and it's way to big for the measly ants on its surface (known as you and me) to impact its temperature on a global scale. Locally - yes; urban areas tend to have local temperature (and other) effects; globally - I don't think so. Even the international panel on climate change merely says "likely" - they don't have any evidence that anything we're doing actually causes any type of global warming (the CO2 they worry about is one of the lower percentage greenhouse gases; in fact, water vapor is the major contributor to the earth's greenhouse effect), just (supposed) correlations about levels of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentration (and there's not any real evidence that the levels are really impacted to any significant amount by humans; yes, I'll give them that we put some CO2 in the atmosphere, but a long time ago the CO2 levels were much higher, and the temps were lower and higher - guess what? it's cyclic!).

Ok, enough run-on in this comment, sorry...