Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Under the Weather (and robotic bodies)

Sorry for the lack of posting these last few days... I've been a bit "under the weather." Now, that's a strange phrase... from where did it come? I mean, technically aren't we really always "under the weather" (even if you're indoors, you're still under the weather; there's just a roof between you and it). Anyway, I think I'm on the backside of it now... I was feeling better today, and went to work (I didn't go yesterday). Well, I was feeling better before I went to work...

Speaking of feeling bad, I was just thinking, why don't I replace my organic body with a mechanical, robotic one? I could plug it in when I'm "in bed" or at work to recharge its batteries, and I could "feed" the remainder of my organic self (you know, the head/brain part) with a sugar-mineral water mix that's kept in the robotic storage part somewhere (and it would monitor the various levels in the blood it's pumping into my head and supply the optimal amount of nutrients, and filter out the waste products from the blood like my kidneys do now). Then I wouldn't have to worry about stomach aches, kidney stones, or any of that stuff. Maybe I could block off the air passages in my nose & mouth, too, and I wouldn't have to worry about allergies so much anymore, as the robotic part could filter the incoming air it would supply to my artificial lungs. Pretty cool... wonder how much that would cost? Maybe I'll just keep saving for Visian Implantable Collamer Lenses to fix up these eyes that don't see very well instead (and by "very well" I mean that, without my glasses, I can't read my laptop screen sitting about a foot and a half from my head - and that's from near-sightedness, meaning I can't see far - far being, apparently, anything beyond a foot). After all, I do like playing my sax and guitar - two things that would be difficult to do without the sense of touch and variable pressure that my organic limbs and digits provide, and I imagine my wife wouldn't be overly fond of the "new me" either. Yeah, I guess I'll just keep this ol' flesh & blood body as long as God allows.


Christy said...

Sounds like you'd be Darth Vader if you were to go robotic. Scary! The kids have watched Star Wars: Episodes I-III this week. I watched the first one, but I really don't like those "new" ones, so I didn't watch II and III. I especially dislike III because Aniken is such a whiner!

Anonymous said...

If you do the ICL thing, be sure to ask the doctors the tough questions: