Thursday, April 10, 2008

Irony... live!

My daughter's school had a "Stomp the Violence" thing this evening, where they did various things to promote "PLUR" (as she said it: "Peace, Love, Unity, and [I forget what the 'R' was, maybe 'Respect']"). Her (school) choir was singing for their part of the thing. What did they sing? A song about Jericho. Isn't that great? To promote "Stomp the Violence" (a play on words, of course: "Stop the Violence"), they sing a song about war, including the utter destruction of a town. (Yes, I know it was God's direction: I'm not disputing that, nor making any comments about His divine judgment in handing Jericho over to the Israelites; I just found it funny: singing a song about war for a "Stomp the Violence" thing.)

In other news, I'm still waiting on the seatbelt I bought on eBay (paid through PayPal, and it says it'll take a little bit before the payment is cleared from my bank through PayPal to the seller). In the interim, we're back to one vehicle for the time being (yes, the Lexus has airbags, so I suppose I could drive it even without the seatbelt, but I'd rather not, thanks).

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Christy said...

We closed our paypal account because of the hackers.