Thursday, April 24, 2008

The nine lives of a Lexus

Well, maybe four for mine. Yes, the Lexus lives again! Woo-hoo! Took two weeks to get the part and about five minutes to install. But we're once again a two-(working-)vehicle family. Life just got easier!

Anyway, I'm a recovering sicko. That is, I was sick earlier this week. Didn't go to work on Monday (did I already mention this?), then for some reason didn't sleep Tuesday night (not that I didn't try, mind you!), but I did sleep last night (but had some weird dreams; I was trying to get these people on this bus, and then get the bus out of town, because something strange was happening, maybe the "end of the world" or someone was taking over the town or something, and I had this bottle of some alcoholic drink, and some guy kept complaining and trying to get us to open it, and I kept telling him we needed to wait, and eventually took the bottle and whacked the guy in the nose with it, and his face was all bloody, but he did shut up... but I don't remember a whole lot past that, other than we were trying to get out of the town for some, urgent reason, and it was difficult).

Anyway, I'm a recovering sicko (did I mention that?). But hopefully I'll be better soon. Thanks for your prayers (if you're praying). I'm sure money would help, too, if you feel like donating (it would take away some stress, and less stress = better health) - just let me know and I'll share my paypal account info so you can donate. I guess I forgot to take my Mt. Dew this time around. Actually, we don't have any Mt. Dew, and the Diet Publix Orange Soda I'm drinking says "0% Juice" so it's probably not a good source of extra Vitamin C to help me get better. It does say "Contents under pressure, handle with care." Yeah, as if I'm unfamiliar with the soda can concept... "What is this thing? How does it work? OW! MY EYE!"

Sorry, must be the illness... I'll quit writing now.

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Christy said...

I hate those Stephen King nightmares. creepy. Especially the ones that seem like they could happen. Glad to hear you're on the mend.