Saturday, February 9, 2008

BK Alien visit

I was going to in to Chick-fil-a for lunch, but even at 12:45 there was nowhere to park. I'm beginning to dislike Madison.. Too many people! Anyway, we ended up at Burger King and lo and behold while we were there aliens came in! One even tried to snag my food.. I managed to snap the pic above of his hand before fending him off my food.

Either that or this is from where chicken fingers come.. Giant chicken hands! At least there was no wait at BK. (The aliens must have sacred everyone away, to Chick-fil-a.)


Christy said...

You're right. I bet the aliens sacreded everyone away! Sorry, I couldn't help it, but you rarely mess up. :)

Tony M said...

Thanks: you say I rarely mess up; I like that comment! :)

Actually, I sent this while sitting in the Joe Muggs cafe sipping a Tall Decaf Vanilla Late. The pic I'd snapped while at BK (obviously). In my laziness I (obviously) didn't proof the word well enough from my phone's T9 before sending. In order that others may know what you mean, I won't fix the error in my post.

Thanks again for pointing out my error to the whole world! (They'd have seen it anyway...) :)

cosmiccowgirl said...

Those aliens better not snatch my BK. If there is anything I love that I shouldn't, it is fast food, and if there is anything I guard feircely, it is fast food. Good job scaring them away, but from the picture it looks like I might have wanted to "take a bite out of crime" myself.

Tony M said...

"Take a bite out of crime"... I wish I'd thought of that! :)