Saturday, January 5, 2008

Layers... and I'm not talking onions...

Found this video a moment ago while looking up the correct spelling of "Guinness" - thought it somewhat amusing. (Note: I haven't slowed it down to read all the words on the shirts, and I haven't checked out the radio station website; I make no endorsement of either, and from the brief clips there may be some shirts with offensive content, so consider yourself warned!)

Reminds me, a bit, of Randy's mom dressing him for going to school in "A Christmas Story." (A wonderful movie if you've never watched it - actually, it's wonderful whether or not you've watched it - the wonderfulness isn't dependent upon your having watched it or not; I've watched it every year since it came out, wearing out two copies on Beta video.)

Anyway, that (the T-shirt thing) must have been uncomfortable (I presume he's not claustrophobic). I'm sure, by the end of it, he couldn't move his arms, and probably couldn't have extricated himself from the shirts without help. But he probably was warm! And based on the shirt sizes, starting at small, he must not have been a big fellow, so the extra 100 pounds wasn't incidental weight, either.

Wonder for what I could get into the Guinness book... most unimaginative posts to a blog in a 24-hour period? :)

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