Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fixed... sort of...

Well, I'd noticed recently that the "interesting quote" wasn't working (must've been the aliens attacking my blogger template; but I gave them a Diet Mt. Dew!). Anyway, I've fixed the interesting quote. At least for Firefox browsers, anyway; there still seems to be some issue in Internet Explorer... it seems to be using excess CPU time (you'll notice the quote types out pretty slowly in IE); sorry about that. I'll try to get that working better sometime or another (but I use Firefox, so don't hold your breath - it may be later rather than sooner). I hope my ineptness at making the blogger template work properly won't keep you away (after all, I've yet to reveal my "big surprise" of the template...).

Anyway, I think elephants are really cool. They're probably my favorite animal (other, perhaps, than my kids... :). And ants. You know, some ants are pretty good. Tasty, that is. Back when I was in band camp was the first time I tried the little six-leggers. Some of them are pretty good. Some aren't so good. I'd recommend, if you're going to try them, that you first pinch off the head - that way you can be sure that they're dead and aren't going to bite you while you're biting them.

When I was younger, I was allergic to ants. I also had a habit of managing to squat down in anthills in the back yard while playing, without realizing it until the buggers were all over me (at least twice I recall serious incidents with the ants, wherein my mom ended up removing my shoes, socks, and pants in the back yard; this, of course, was when I was really young, like kindergarten or something). We always had some prescription Benadryl elixer (a fancy word for "liquid medicine") on hand for ant bites. Sometimes my feet, ankles, and legs would get so swollen I couldn't put on shoes (or even walk very well). I guess I was trying to get back at the relatives that had bitten me when I was eating ants on the football field parking lot during band camp. My allergy to ants seems to have subsided in my old(er) age, so maybe my ant feasts were helpful in overcoming the allergy. (By the way: if you want to try them: the orange/red ones are pretty good, the tiny black ones aren't bad, but, if I recall correctly, the black and red ones weren't so good, and the medium-sized black ones are fairly nasty.)

I think I'm going to quit writing this now and pay some attention to "Bill Cosby, Himself" which my wife and oldest son are watching. Later, all...

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