Monday, June 24, 2013

What did I really mean?

So, my last post included a short story written long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. (OK, it was two decades ago, and written at Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit at Naval Weapons Station, Charleston, SC.) I hope you've read it already (and if you haven't, go read it now!). Interestingly, I also happen to have a few essays written by actual college students about my story and the meaning behind it. Which is really interesting, since there wasn't any meaning behind it (that I know of, anyway)... it's kind of telling about all those stories you wrote about in your own English Lit classes, whether the author really meant the things you said he meant in your essays and summaries about old stories by dead authors (except I'm not dead... not that I know of, anyway).

My favorite is the one that states the story is "written by Anthony R. Moore who is now residing in a castle occupied by a powerful magician many centuries ago." I hadn't realized that, in fact, I was actually writing history, nor that I lived in a castle at the time that I wrote the story. I thought it was fiction. I did like the comment about the lead dog being Draaken's reincarnation (although I don't believe in reincarnation, the comment is an interesting twist on the story).

It's very interesting, though, to have summaries and essays written about my own story in my possession. I guess it's kind of like having reviewers on the back cover of my book, except it's not my book and they're not on the back cover (they're carefully tucked inside the book at the page where my story starts, with a slightly rusting paperclip holding them together).

This is a pretty boring post, I think. I hope you aren't totally turned off by this one; just go read the prior post again, or pick a random post from the list of posts (over to the right). Maybe the First Ever LBD post (even though, technically, two other posts show up before it in the chronology, due to an anomaly of either time travel or changing the time zone on my blog until after publishing that first post). 2008 seems to have been my peak blogging year, and 2013 isn't very populous yet, but I'll see about changing that. Hopefully you'll join me (again) as we take off. (My other blog, Not-tional Geographic, is really behind the times - it hasn't been updated since 2008! - but that means there are many fewer posts to read there, and you'd probably enjoy them more than this one; maybe I'll start updating that one again, too!)

Also, be sure to read "A Slip of the Clock" and check out Lydia's journal of her (still-current) expedition to Madrid, Spain. Hopefully in the near future I'll be discussing the pros and cons of green energy (in particular, related to nuclear power). That should be fun. Till then, enjoy some good food or something. Later, all!

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