Thursday, June 6, 2013

Driving in Alabama... what you never knew (maybe).

So, just glancing through the Code of Alabama, there are some real gems in relation to driving statutes.

For instance, it's illegal to coast down a hill (that is, in neutral or with the clutch disengaged), even if you want to save a little fuel. This is, in fact, a 2-point offense in the Alabama driver license point system.

Also, you can't get out of your vehicle and leave it running - you have to turn it off, lock the ignition and remove the key, and effectively set your brake.

It's also illegal to back your vehicle on the shoulder of an interstate (such as when you pass a car with a pregnant lady attempting to change a flat and stop as closely as you can after passing it - it's technically illegal to back your car up to hers to assist; you'll just have to walk back to help out).

If you have tinted windows, you can't tint the front (windshield) and the rest must be no more than 32 percent light transmission reduction. That said, you also can't be charged under this provision unless the light transmission of the tinted windows has been checked with an appropriate device or instrument, and, in fact, an officer may not stop you for this violation unless he has such a device already in his equipment.

By the way, if your car normally operates in reverse, you don't have to wear safety belts. (I'd still recommend doing so.)

And you can't ride in a house trailer while it's being transported.

Yes, it is a legal requirement to signal your turn (not less than 100' prior to the turn).

Yes, it's illegal to drive too slowly, too. (But what defines "normal and reasonable" here?)

Finally, there's some apparent issues with the point system (for offenses) as well. Based on the points assigned for violations, here's a list of violations, from most to least dangerous:

  • 6 points: Reckless driving or reckless endangerment involving operating a motor vehicle (granted - several of the following could probably be written as reckless driving...)
  • 5 points: Speeding (26 or more mph over speed limit)
  • 4 points: Driving on the wrong side of the road or illegal passing
  • 3 points: Disregarding traffic control device (stop sign, traffic light, etc.)
  • 2 points: Speeding (1 to 25mph over speed limit)
  • 2 points: Drinking alcohol while operating a vehicle (note: I'm pretty sure there is separate legislation regarding driving under the influence, and there is a 6 point offense for "Any conviction which resulted from a charge that involved the drinking of alcoholic beverages and the driving of a motor vehicle but did not require mandatory revocation of the driver license")
So, there you go... enjoy!

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Later, all...


Jane Edwards said...

Wow, I never expected a plug here. Thank you.

Tony M said...

You're welcome! The book is definitely worth a plug or two, and worth many plug nickels, as well... worth real ones, even! Definitely worth more than the 59.8 nickels you're asking for it on the sites where it's being sold.