Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's only 90

I'm sitting out on my back patio, where the thermometer on the brick column (which has been in the shade all day) has dropped to 90 degrees. At nearly a quarter past eight. Guess that's what I get for moving to south Alabama, huh? That's OK, though... it's not terribly unpleasant, especially with the ceiling fan on the patio roof running on high. Crickets are chirping (in stereo, from the vacant, treed lots on either side of my house); occasionally the sound of a car or motorcycle wafts past my ears; clouds are slowly making their way across the sky that's beginning to darken, the sun having dropped below the horizon before I stepped outside. One dog is sitting at my feet while the other roams the yard, occasionally coming over for a toe-licking visit. Mosquitoes seem unaware of the citronella plants that we've strategically placed at each corner of the patio; of course, those plants are looking a bit weary, probably from lack of watering (at least the garden is producing - we're remembering to water it). One I squished against my shirt, leaving a small blood stain there; fortunately it's a shirt that, while I like, I'm not overly concerned about (it was a gift for donating my life force to the American Red Cross once upon a time). My eyes strain to make out the letters on the keyboard, when necessary, only the soft glow from the laptop screen dimly illuminating the characters that indicate what each key represents. While not really a "touch-typist," I'm familiar enough with the keyboard, not from training but from years of use, that I can generally find my way around without having to rely on looking at each key as I type.

Whoa, wait a minute... sounds like I'm trying to write some intro to a fantastic novel, or maybe a 2-nu song. (Click the link... it's ponderous, man... really ponderous!) Just fired up some Pomplamoose via Google Music (which is free for some amount of time... hopefully it'll be like GMail, free forever, and they'll have some "paid improvement" instead of charging for the basic service in the future). All on a laptop that I got for free from my mom because "it's running slow" - dad got her a newer one, so she had no use for this one. I like free stuff. I don't think my wife does, because I tend to accept anything that's free. In fact, we have a 10' by 15' storage place full - literally - of all the stuff we did not want to bring with us when we moved to the new house. (We still need to get that cleaned out sometime or other to get rid of the monthly storage fee.) At any rate, reloaded the OS on the laptop, and it seemed OK. Tried loading Windows 7, but no joy - way too slow to run that one (I guess it's the "mere" 512MB of ram in this puppy). Looked at a Linux, but was unable to get the one version of Ubuntu I tried running correctly. (Might try some other flavors of Linux at some point, but for now it's Windows XP.)

What am I doing out here? Well, obviously I'm writing a blog post. Besides that, though, I'm (planing to be) researching various guitar info for a potential pet project. Assuming I actually get it started, I'll be sure to keep you updated via my blog (this thing you're reading). Oh, and just enjoying the wonderfulness of God's creation. Creation, mixed with man's technology (computer, fan, rocking chair, lights...). Enjoying a Diet Dr. Pepper. Listening to Pomplamoose and crickets.

And wishing you a wonderful evening.

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