Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interesting Statistics & "easy tech"

I was gandering (which the red squiggly line informs me is not a word; funny, as "gander" is a noun, informal, meaning "glance," but apparently it's not "verbized" and shouldn't be used like I just used it!) at Google's Webmaster Tools (which I usually forget about, but every now and again remember to take a look at my blog's statistics under), and found some interesting "here's the queries where your blog shows up" entries (and, again with my own self-policing grammar correction, that should be "here are" not "here is" - but "here're" just doesn't look right). For instance (italicized text in the following list is my own notes, not part of the query):

brain lapse (makes sense, given the blog name!)clash of the titans alternate endingelmo is deadwhat color is the old chevy pickup in justin moore's if heaven wasn't so far away video?history of "quiet zone" sickness signsnannerpuss ihopchopsticks instructionsa computer has been relocated and all the cables reconnected. when the computer is powered on, the correct post audio signals are heard and the hard drive led shows disk activity. however, the monitor fails to display anything. what are two possible causes of this problem?alien visit1984 renault fuego (note that I once had a 1983 Fuego)die in a holetg&y (really used to enjoy "TG&Y" days with my Grandmom B, who's now surely enjoying much more than TG&Y in heaven!)mcdouble nutrition factsguinea pig habitsxena x1noelle escort

First interesting thing: proof that you never know what you'll end up reading when you visit LBD! Second interesting thing: what in the world are some of these people searching for?

Anyway... in case you have forgotten, "Scratch" is a pretty neat little thing. You can see some of one of my son's efforts here; "Star Wars Lightsaber Trainer" and "Kill a Zombie" are some examples. Basically, Scratch allows you to "program" by connecting various blocks, sort of like building with Lego Bricks (they don't like you to say "Legos" - even though we all do it!). Well, Google now has a similar concept for Android Application Development: the "App Inventor" - a web- (or browser-) based application development environment that provides a similar, "building-block-based" programming approach. In fact, some of their tutorials include apps like games, painting apps, and "where'd I park my car?" All in an application development environment that is attainable even by (somewhat-) non-techy folk. That is, you don't have to have a computer science degree to understand it and make usable apps (well, in theory, assuming that it can do the things that the tutorials promise - I haven't gone much past looking at the very basic intro tutorial myself, and I do have a computer engineering degree). All in all, pretty cool, I think.

Until next time... a topato!

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