Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jerky Flies

Recently I've found there is a fly (or some other similar, anoying, buzzing insect) that seems to have a knack for locating me once I step outdoors. It also seems to follow me wherever I go, which makes this Ares physique search troublesome at times. Fortunately, it seems to be ignoring me right now as I sit on my back patio eating beef jerky (and letting a little fall to my canine companion) and drinking a Coke Zero (no, I haven't walked today, but protein and diet drinks, that's good, right?). It's not unpleasant out; the thermometer out here reads about 78 (Fahrenheit), and the sun is behind some clouds (ok, really it's me behind the clouds, but you know what i mean). Near non-existent breeze, but it feels nice when it's felt.  Thinking about a storage shed for my considerably sloped back yard; Home Depot has a 10x8 resin unit by US Leisure for a decent price, but I'm not yet sure a) where exactly to put it; b) how to put it there. The slope of the yard is about one foot every 7 feet, so that's pretty high to put it on pillars (the door would be at the 14" off the ground side, or pointed toward the rear of the yard). The alternative would be to dig out and level the yard, but that's a lot of work, and we'd want to make sure we put it in the right location the first time, as it would be a lot more work to try to undo the leveling afterward if we wanted to relocate it (note to self: buy a lot sloping toward the back, not the front, next time; even better, a relatively level lot). Guess we'll probably go with the leveling route, eventually.

I just installed the app to my phone (to verify I'd spelled "Fahrenheit" correctly), and guess what? It has "search by speech" capability. That's right: you don't even have to know how to spell the word anymore to look it up - just say the word, and it'll find it for you! Technology is making life ever easier, isn't it? Unless you happened to want to watch Netflix instant on your PS3 right now; apparently someone decided to take it upon themselves to "punish" Sony for protecting their hardware by orchestrating a Denial of Service attack on anything Sony related online, including the Playstation Network. Meaning you can't sign in right now, meaning you can't access Netflix. Way to go, freedom of speech hacking group: you've blocked millions of legal users of the Playstation Network from using the services that they've paid to use. (I liked the one comment on a blog about the issue: something about spending some time outdoors.)

Anyway, guess I'll get back to enjoying the birds chirping. And just be glad that I titled the post the way I did. Imagine the content had I reversed the words in the title: fly jerky. Now there's a snack I'm not sure I want to try!

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