Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, over the last 48 hours or so I've repaired a car (radiator replacement) and a monitor (replaced two capacitors), for a total cost of about $203 (plus my own labor, of course). Saving about $10 grand in the process (assuming a replacement monitor cost of around $150-200 and a 5-year used car payment of around $200). I've come to the conclusions that 1) I'm awesome (OK, maybe that's only in my head); 2) I can fix anything (again, perhaps only in my head); 3) repairing things can be a cost-effective thing to do (quite cost effective in this case); 4) capacitors are a limited-life electronic component (that was the cause of the instrumentation lighting failure in my Lexus a couple years back, capacitors in the power supply, similar to the failure in my monitor); 5) the internet is a great source for info on repairing things.

I'm also spending some time repairing me, all the years of eating and lounging around have left my body in less than pristine condition. Toward that end, I've started walking (was never much of a runner) and, a little, push-ups and (when I can) sit-ups. (Having recently been watching Xena, I've decided i want to look like Ares - my wife says that's fine, just don't bother with chest hair implants, which I hadn't intended to pursue.) I wonder how many years it will take to undo everything I've done since high school? Not that I was particularly fit then, just that I didn't have such a belly and could, actually, do a good number of sit-ups and ride a bike quite a distance then without getting fatigued.

Speaking of Xena, I've now watched all 134 episodes. Silly show, of course. And having watched (most of) all 134 episodes, I can't say it's particularly life changing. Then again, I did decide I want to look like Ares (Kevin Smith), so maybe it was a good thing?

Ah, well, guess I'll get back to my walk now. Until next time, a topato!

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