Monday, October 12, 2009

Sandwich idea.

The other day my son was eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich, and my daughter was eating tuna, and I wondered, "What if you put tuna on a peanut butter and honey sandwich?"

So I tried it.

It tasted like... a peanut butter and honey sandwich; there wasn't really any tuna-ish flavor at all. It did, however, have "consistency" or "substance" that a mere peanut butter and honey sandwich did not have.

So, tonight, I suggested that perhaps we try this: start with peanut butter and honey sandwiches for dinner (tomorrow night). The next night, add tuna to the peanut butter & honey. The next night, add another ingredient, like apple: peanut butter & honey & tuna & apple. Keep adding one ingredient per night (e.g., hot dogs, bananas, chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream, cauliflower, etc.) until you get to a "gross" sandwich, then back off one ingredient (to the previous night) and continue from there (until you run out of creative ingredients that no longer cause a "gross" sandwich).

Good idea, right? Now, eventually you'll probably get to a sandwich so thick you can't readily eat it, so you'll have to throw the whole thing into a blender and drink it, or maybe just the ingredients (besides the peanut butter & honey) and make a "paste" to lather on top of your peanut butter & honey, that might work.

If you get bored, you can go back and start at peanut butter and honey and try adding some of the ingredients that "grossed" your mix in previous days, adding them separately, and see if you can come up with other "good" mixtures to add to your peanut butter & honey sandwich.

Just a thought.


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Well, have you tried it? How will you know unless you try it? :)