Thursday, March 12, 2009

One True God

I think I really like this song:

We were reading in Galatians tonight, chapter 4, and this is what stood out to me the most (and this is most obvious from "The Message" version; the link goes to a multiple-version lookup of the entirety of chapter 4): the reason Paul originally preached in Galatia was not because he thought God wanted him there, or that he had planned to stop there and preach.  No, he had other plans... and God interrupted him, making him sick, unable to continue to travel.  And what did Paul do when this happened, this interruption of his plans?  Complain?  Sulk?  No, he preached, converted a town, started a church.

What do we "modern Pauls" do when our plans are interrupted?

I hadn't planned on blogging tonight, but there you go.  Bonus.


Ninfa said...

I like that song! :o)

I'm proud of your dedication to reading the word to our kids before they go to bed. I know it is making a difference in their lives!

Christy said...

I really like that song!