Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Excuse our progress

Yes, you're in the right place.  I never did quite finish my previous template (I was going to have dropping Matrix-like characters, and I did get it working for FireFox but not for IE, so I never turned it on).  It also doesn't work well in Google Chrome, so I'm abandoning it.

I kind of like this new look, but kind of not.  And it's only partially "there" (as far as all my previous side-links).  So it's a "work in progress" (I'm still searching for a good, new template for it; any suggestions?).

But what does "excuse our progress" mean, anyway?  You see that all the time now... do you really want me to forgive your improvement?  Way down, you know, I'm wishing you were still as messed up as you were previously.  Right.  That really doesn't make sense... it's not the progress that needs excusing, it's the method to implement the progress that needs excusing.  I suppose the signs should say:
"Excuse our method of implementing progress during this interim time period during which you may find yourself somewhat inconvenienced while we improve things so that it will be much better for you in the future."
Yeah, what he said...

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Christy said...

I really like the new look - it's FRESH!