Sunday, November 9, 2008

How did we miss the Internet for 20+ years?

If you take a look at this article on Wikipedia, you'll see the history of the "internet" which became a commercially available entity in the late 80s and commonplace by the mid 90s. However, if you look at this site (on, which is where the retiring Denny Zager sells his custom guitars), you'll see that, apparently, Zager Guitar was providing online video guitar lessons since 1969. Look at the logo in the upper left corner:

EZ-Play Guitars - Online Video Lessons - Since 1969

What? PCs weren't even available until the mid- to late-70s... so where did you have to go to get these online video lessons? And why did it take another 20 years for "online" to become commonplace? This is baffling to me.

Oh, and Denny Zager - he's part of the duo Zager & Evans, who had a single hit: "In the Year 2525" - interesting song:

Zager since has primarily been a luthier, originally customizing others' guitars, then hand-building his own custom guitar line. He's retiring this year, though. You can still find some of his guitars (or guitars customized by him) on eBay (just mentioning in case you're interested).


Krissy said...

You got that song stuck in my head.

Understand, that I have been carefully avoiding that song for several years now. Because once it gets stuck in my head, it takes forever to get out.

I blame you Tony, if I'm singing it at Christmas.

Tony M said...

Welcome. I'll send you a disguised link in your e-mail to bring you back to the YouTube page where the video is... :)