Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All natural!

Interesting article here on avoiding high fructose corn syrup. Might be good for your health. Some strange suggestions, though, like:
  • buy your soft drinks in bulk from across the border
  • buy from the Passover section of your grocer
I didn't even know there was a passover section in my grocer! And I'm not close enough to the border to buy from there (if you were in Puerto Rico or the Florida Keys, would Cuba soon be considered "across the border"?). My son, however, loves Jones Sodas, another of their suggestions. I've had the green apple Jones - it wasn't bad.

On another note, reader Christy might be able to help out on some of the bad things that Aspartame does to you... I only have heard that (among other things) it slows your metabolism (which sort of defeats the purpose of an artificial sweetener anyway!). Although sucralose (sold under the brand name Splenda) apparently has some similarities to certain pesticides, it also apparently isn't processed by the human digestive system, leaving in the same form it enters. Thus, no harm done, and no effect on the human digestive system or metabolism or anything, just a sweetened taste at the time of consumption.

Anyway, stopping my writing now so that Dean can finish his pizza or whatever... :)


Christy said...

If I were to tell you what ALL aspartame does, you wouldn't believe me, plus it would take too much space on your post. So, I suggest that people research it for themselves, that's usually what it takes to convince people anyway (and it should be that way).

I was just kidding about the carbonization of sodas killing stuff (except the lining of your stomach, of course - I think - that might be a myth). And if I start drinking only sodas again I'll have to buy bigger clothes, and I DON'T want to do that!!

Tony M said...

Oops - here's your Aspartame comment... you should post a, um, post on your blog about Aspartame complete with claims, references, and source links, so as to give us a leg up on researching it ourselves. I don't even know what all to look for as far as Aspartame. And I know you were kidding about the carbonization... :)