Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wow, three! You're getting your money's worth!

Especially since you're not paying anything!

Anyway, just found this wikiHow article:

how to remove dog saliva from car windows

I like some of their advice:

  • To prevent dog saliva problems in the future, remove dog from car.
  • Boiling water can scald. Be careful
(there's no punctuation after "be careful" in the wikiHow article - it's not a typo on my part)

I just thought, "I should make a wikiHow on 'how to catch an alien.'" Then checked to see if they had one by entering "catch an alien" in the wikiHow search box. Take a look at the results if you want to see a very strange "collection" (I say "collection" in quotes because, other than having the words "catch" and "alien" in them, they're not very collective about any particular subject).

And now I will leave you alone (for at least a couple of minutes). Until next time... nah, it's getting old now.

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Anonymous said...

I'm paying attention... well, at least some of the time.