Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What - why am I not sleeping?!

Cause I'm doing this for your listening pleasure!  (or not)  There's a new song out there: "Not me - Him!"  Needs some work, but it's been too long coming, so I figured I'd go ahead with my (seriously) flawed version.  The lyrics... well, they basically came from a sermon I heard, and pretty much wrote themselves (with a little tweaking from my wife to make sure things weren't misunderstood, and a review by my friend Dean who could probably have done this whole thing much better than I).

Speaking of Dean, when I start typing "deanlu" (of "") in Google Chrome's web browser address/search bar, it suggests "" as my intended target.  Cool, Dean!  Way to go!  You got into Google's mechanism somehow! :)  Also I notice Google's Chrome doesn't seem to play well with Google's Blogger "compose" window - the keyboard shortcut for creating a link doesn't work.  You'd think those two, both being from Google, would get along better.  Oh well.  Bedtime, I think.

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Tony M said...

Wow... this was posted at 12:34. Weird (or maybe it's just me).