Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ahoy, there!

Been a while, I guess.  Quick update on the ankle: after two weeks most of the swelling has subsided, I'm still wearing a (cloth) brace during the day, still some pain when I do things like twist on it (I know: "don't do that!" - it's always unintentional) but mobility is fairly improved, and no visit to the doctor.

And the TV I was unloading that caused the mis-step and sprain doesn't work.

I have more thoughts, but it's late and I'm tired, so you're going to have to do without them for now.  Sorry about that.


Christy said...

Who needs TV anyway? We haven't been watching TV much lately because of all the halloween commercials. It's been rather nice, actually. We watch an occasional DVD, though. Glad to hear your ankle is improving.

Tony M said...

Thanks. However, after being on my feet all day, I realized my "healing" was actually "lack of use" - my day job is primarily sitting.

Oh, and moving a refrigerator down a couple of steps - and having to put a sudden large amount of weight on it - didn't improve things any.

Going to go watch Alabama/Tennessee now... and eat some pizza. And rest my ankle.