Tuesday, October 21, 2008

That's Gotta Hurt

While watching a bit of a show called "That's Gotta Hurt" (on TLC), one of the clips was about a cat that tried to jump from a barn into the owner's bedroom window, but the window was shut, cat bounced off and (Dean, shut your eyes) impaled itself on an iron spikey fence between the barn and the house.  They taped the cat to the fence (to imobilize it to keep it from further injuring itself) and called the cops, who called the fire department, who eventually cut the fence using the jaws of life so they owners could take the cat to the veterinary clinic.  The cat was fine - the fence had merely impaled the excess skin on the cat and hadn't hit any vital organs or anything.  I mused, "I wonder if any humans died that day in that town because of lack of emergency response because the fire engine and firefighters were busy removing a piece of fence with a cat on it."

Guess that's how I think.

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Christy said...

Here's how I think, "WA HAHAHA! Dumb cat!"