Monday, December 24, 2007

Remember Christmas

Just a friendly reminder: Christmas is about Jesus; it's the celebration of His birth. It's about giving, not receiving - God gave us His son. We give as a reminder of God's great gift to us. Merry Christmas to you! (If you want to read more about Jesus' birth, you can check it out in the Bible, such as Luke chapter 2 on, a great, free resource.)

And as a gift to you, my reader, I'll share an amusing story. We gave each of our children a Bible for Christmas (no, not from the Giant Book Sale), and let each have it early (last Tuesday night, actually). The youngest, who is 9, opened his, we removed the cellophane protective wrapping, and he began looking through it. Turning it to the back, he said, "Dad, there's someone's name on it!" Having just removed it from the cellophane, I wondered how it could possibly have been imprinted, so I asked to see it. He brought it over, and on the back were the words: "Bonded Leather" - see the picture, below. (Sorry, Alex, but this story is too wonderful not to share!)

Merry Christmas!

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