Sunday, December 2, 2007

Do something nice...

Even if it's not necessarily the best thing for you, do something nice. From the NFL play-by-play of the Redskins/Bills game today,
1-10-BUF 32 (7:10) 22-F.Jackson left end pushed ob at WAS 46 for 22 yards (30-L.Landry). Redskins' defensive formation included only 10 men in honor of Sean Taylor.
What? An NFL team intentionally playing only 10 men on defense? Yeah, it was only for one play. And, yeah, Buffalo still had to punt on their opening possession. But they got a 22-yard gain on that first play. And Washington, I'm sure, still thinks it's worth it to honor Sean Taylor, killed during a botched robbery. After all, despite the opinions of the biggest fans, it's still only a game.

Will Washington win? I hope so (I'm a fan, remember?) - they're winning at the moment. But it's still just a game. [edit - Washington, sadly (for me), didn't win - another loss in the final few minutes of the game; but their act of honoring Sean Taylor had nothing to do with the loss] I notice that it seems a lot (maybe all?) of the NFL players are wearing the #21 (Sean Taylor's number) on their helmets. Point I'm trying to make is: take a moment and do something nice. Today, everyday. Make the world a better place, one "act of random kindness" (to borrow a line from Evan Almighty) at a time, like this one.

Sorry for the lack of amusing banter in this post... I think I slept too little last night. I'll try to be more interesting next time.

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