Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Illegal Target

I was at the local target and found this tag- and several more like it- in the skateboard area. Wonder what it means.. "not legal for store".. You can't buy the thing, only look at it and see what it would cost if you could buy it? You can be arrested for trying to buy it? Maybe it's some secret agent thing, like a hiding place for super secret stuff, maybe like NBC's "Chuck" or something, CIA and NSA working undercover at Target. (Ok, I know it's probably just that the tag was not supposed to be used on a real store display, but that's kind of boring, don't you think?) Anyway, seems like Target forgot to proof their displays. You'd think they were really busy or something.. :)

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Anonymous said...

this made me chuckle out loud, of course it is after midnight and i'm extremely tired. u understand, right? did u see my reply to ur pet peeve on dean's blog? i'm not capitalizing anything on purpose! r u peeved? ;)

btw - merry christmas 2 u 2

ps dawson brought ronnie's present to church 2day, but of course ronnie wuz not there. maybe dawson will remember next year.

pps did i say i'm not capitalizing on purpose?

ttfn (ta ta for now, just in case ttfn means something obscene that i'm not aware of)


ppss i did read all ur other blogs 2