Thursday, February 4, 2021

Another Gap in Posts

Seems I'm not writing like I should. Like I said I would. It's been ten days or so. During those ten days, we've been to the cardiac rehab a bunch (three days per week), visited Whole Foods across the Bay in Mobile (honestly, we weren't terribly impressed), and visited the doctor once (check up with my primary care CRNP; diet, exercise, and Atorvastatin are doing great things for my cholesterol levels!), as well as making plenty of successful and good low sodium/low saturated fat meals (and maybe one or two that could use a little work; ground turkey works well in many things, but isn't the best with beans and rice - not bad, but not the best; on the other hand, the smoky mustard salmon was incredible!). Also during that time my third child began his teaching career as the choir teacher at the local middle school, which is awesome, and he seems to be settling in well. We're still working on reorganizing things in our home, hoping to eventually carve out a space to be our "fitness area" (planning to use the sunroom, just having to replan several areas of the house to make it work).

Oh, and dishes. LOTS of dishes. All this cooking at home has increased our dish utilization significantly, and, while a struggle, were (barely) keeping up. We did discover a few microwave (relatively) low sodium/low saturated fat meals, which will help when I need something quick. We found those at Publix, though (I really don't recall if we looked much at the frozen/microwave section of Whole Foods, if they even had such a section).

To be honest, I don't have a lot to write about right now. I'm a bit tired (getting up early for those cardiac rehab sessions, not to mention the cardiac rehab itself, and back mostly to a normal life otherwise), and can't really think of a lot of interesting things to discuss. But I'm writing, nonetheless. Maybe the next installment will be more interesting.


Ninfa said...

There were a few meals at whole foods. If I remember correctly, they were just not very low in sodium. I completely agree on the Beans and rice with turkey. Maybe a lean ground beef, or some venison? Those would work. Save the turkey for turkey parties.😉

Tony M said...

Turkey parties... 😄